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Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB x64 DVD-USB Project By StartSoft 58-59

Discussion in 'Windows 10' started by velikijoe, Dec 2, 2017.

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  1. velikijoe

    velikijoe Well-Known Member

    Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB x64 DVD-USB Project By StartSoft 58-59
    File Size : 20.74 GB

    The assembly supports the installation of Windows 10 Enterprise 2016 LTSB with English or Russian-language 64-bit language interfaces on computers. It consists of two ISO images, one of which can be recorded on a two-layer single-sided DVD 9 (Dual Layer) drive, or a USB flash drive, and the other on a 16 Gigabyte drive.

    The boot sector of the flash drive was created using the DiskPart utility. To install the system on a computer, you need to download it from a bootable USB flash drive or from a DVD, and in the multiboot menu choose to install the system on computers based on UEFI, whose hard drives have GPT markup, or on computers whose hard disks have a partition table MBR.

    Addition to the description
    The assembly is assembled on the original images:
    - en_windows_10_enterprise_2016_ltsb_x64_dvd_9057886
    - en_windows_10_enterprise_2016_ltsb_x64_dvd_9059483

    Version 58-2017 [En-Ru]
    After downloading the computer from a DVD, or from a bootable USB flash drive, you can choose from the multiboot menu:
    - Installation of the operating system only with the Russian language interface.
    - Installation of the operating system only with the Russian language interface, plus the start menu Start as in Windows 7.
    - Installation of the operating system with English language interface only.
    - Installing the operating system with only the English language interface, plus the start menu Start as in Windows 7.
    - Installation of the operating system in the edition of which both language interfaces are combined with the choice of the desired interface language at the beginning of the system installation.

    - The assembly supports an independent installation of the operating system with language interfaces in English, or in Russian.
    - The assembly supports the combined installation of an operating system with language interfaces in English and in Russian.

    - If the English interface is selected in the system loader, then you have to choose the English version of the operating system [En], or, if installed to install the system with the interface in Russian, then you must choose to install the Russian-language version of the operating system [Ru].

    - In the editions of the operating system, its updates are integrated from the manufacturer's website on 16-17.09.2017.
    - The .NET Framework 2.0-3.5 package has been activated
    - In editions with the start menu of Start, as in Windows 7, installed the application StartIsBack (other applications are not installed, the system is clean).
    - Operating system Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB version 1607, has the construction of 14393.1715

    Version 59-2017 [En-Ru]
    By loading the computer from the bootable USB flash drive in the multiboot menu, you can choose:
    - Everything is the same as in version 58-2017 [En-Ru] only added the ability to boot a PC with Windows 10 PE Sergei Strelec x64 [Ru], the ability to install three editions of the operating system, two of which with the office suite Office 2016 [Ru] , as well as the ability to install programs from the installer MInstall.

    MInstall Programs
    WinRar 5.50
    Adobe Flash Player NPAPI
    Adobe Flash Player PPAPI
    Adobe Flash Player ActiveX
    Shockwave Player
    Shockwave Player Full
    HashCheck Shell Extention Setup 2.1.11
    Microsoft Software:
    MS Visual C ++ 2005-2017
    Java SE Runtime Environment
    Unlocker 1.9.2
    Uninstall Tool
    Raxco PerfectDisk 14.0.891
    K-Lite Mefa Codec Pack 13.5
    KLSP Update 13.5.4
    Text editors:
    Notepad ++ 7.5.1
    The Internet:
    uTorrent 2.2.1
    Ad Muncher 4.94.34121
    Comodo Dragon 58.0.3029.113
    Nero Burning ROM 17.0.5
    DAEMON Tools Lite (xp-7)
    DAEMON Tools Lite (7-10)
    Graphic arts:
    PhotoMaster 2.0
    XnView Complete 2.41

    Office and applications:
    STDU Viewer 1.6.375.0
    Adobe Reader XI 11.0.22
    System safety:
    ESET Smart Security
    ESET NOD32 Antivirus

    Creating a bootable USB flash drive using the DiskPart utility
    - Insert the USB flash drive into the USB port of the computer and run the command line: Start -> Run (or press Win + R) and type the command
    cmd In the console that opens, enter the following commands:

    diskpart - start the utility diskpart
    list disk - get the list of drives in the system, remember the index (number) of our flash drive
    select disk n - choose the drive with the index n, where n is the index of your flash drive, see the size, it is specified.
    - for example, index 3, then the command will be such select disk 3
    - The following command:
    clean - the existing partitions are erased on the USB flash drive
    - Then we type the command:
    create partition primary - creates a primary partition
    - Then we type the command
    format FS = FAT32 QUICK - fast formatting of the USB flash drive in the format of the FAT32 file system is performed
    (if you need to format the USB flash drive in NTFS, you need to type the command (format FS = NTFS QUICK)
    - Then we type the command:
    active - the command sets (makes) the created partition of the flash drive active (bootable)
    - Then we type the command:
    assign - the command assigns a letter for the bootable flash drive (automatically)
    - Then we type the command:
    exit - command to exit the working window of diskpart utility
    - After finishing work with Diskpart utility, copy the Windows installation files to the USB flash drive.
    - Download the PC from the USB flash drive and install the desired version of the system.
    - It is possible to unpack an ISO image to a hard disk for the purpose of editing it at your discretion.
    - After the editing is finished, you do not need to collect the edited distribution files again in the ISO image.
    - And just copy the installation files of the edited image to the created bootable USB flash drive

    All is ready!
    - Now you have a USB bootable USB stick with which you can install Windows.

    - This way, which created a bootable USB flash drive,
    that no additional software is required for it.
    - Once created and then no longer need to create a new bootable flash drive partition.
    - It's enough just to delete the contents of the USB flash drive and copy to it new installation files.

    Activating the system
    - The operating system, at the end of its installation, like Office 2016, is not activated.
    - In the folder BONUS, (at the root of the flash drive), or on the desktop for version 59-2017 [En-Ru], there is a KMS activator from Ratiborus designed to activate Windows 10 and office suite Office 2016.
    - The method of activating the software product is chosen by the user of the PC at will and at his own discretion, and no one imposes this action on him.

    Stage of development: Release
    Year / Date of Issue: 2017/09/19
    Version: 58-59 2017 [En-Ru]
    Developer: Microsoft
    Developer's website: Link
    Assembly Author: StartSoft
    Bit depth: 64bit
    Language: English + Russian
    Tabletka: presentSystem requirements:
    - Processor: 2.2 GHz or greater
    - Memory: 2 GB (64-bit)
    - HDD: 20 GB (64-bit)
    - DirectX 9 support with WDDM 1.0 or higher drivers
    - Screen resolution: 1366 x 768 and higher
    - The presence of the Internet

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