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12 Steps to Hypnotic Influence

Discussion in 'Tutorials on DVD' started by Srbin, Mar 13, 2018.

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  1. Srbin

    Srbin Well-Known Member


    12 Steps to Hypnotic Influence
    10xDVDRip | AVI/XviD, ~938 kb/s | 480x360 | Duration: 08:37:01 | English: MP3, 120 kb/s (2 ch)
    34xHDRip | MP4/AVC, ~1000 kb/s | 1280x720 | Duration: 17:58:59 | English: AAC, 128 kb/s (2 ch)
    Audio CDs in MP3 / English: MP3, 64 kb/s (1 ch) | Duration: 00:45:25
    PDF Guide
    Size: 12.2 GB | Genre: Hypnosis

    This is a greatest compilation about Hypnosis by Mark Cunningham, Ross Jeffries, David Snyder, Tom Vizzini

    Table of Contents:

    CONTENTS (28 hours)
    01.1 - Introduction (Mark Cunningham) (DC2000)
    01.2 - You Begin Where You Are and That's Okay (Mark Cunningham) (Renegade Hypnotist Project)

    02.1 - Introduction to Hypnosis (Mark Cunningham) (Secrets of Erotic Hypnosis)
    02.2 - How To Hypnotize Humans - Session One (Mark Cunningham) (Renegade Hypnotist Project)
    02.3 - scripts Are a Trap (Mark Cunningham) (Renegade Hypnotist Project)

    03.1 - State Control (David Snyder) (CPI: Covert Persuasion Intelligence)
    03.2 - Vocal Control (Tom Vizzini) (Secrets of Vocal Influence)
    03.3 - Getting into 'state' Yourself (Mark Cunningham) (Renegade Hypnotist Project)
    03.4 - The Importance of Being Mentally Clear (Mark Cunningham) (Renegade Hypnotist Project)
    03.5 - Demo - Playing with Jon (Ross Jeffries) (SS Secret Vault)

    04.1 - Rapport (Tom Vizzini) (Total Life Transformation 2013)
    04.2 - Values and Trancewords (Ross Jeffries) (SS Secret Vault)
    04.3 - Recognizing Autopilot Responses (Ross Jeffries) (SS Secret Vault)
    04.4 - Making Yourself Unique in Her Eyes (Mark Cunningham) (Renegade Hypnotist Project)
    04.5 - Demo - Showing Curiosity (Ross Jeffries) (SS Secret Vault)

    05.1 - Acquiesence, Obedience & Pleasure (Mark Cunningham) (Renegade Hypnotist Project)
    05.2 - Suggestibility Tests (Mark Cunningham) (New Curriculum)
    05.3 - Demo - Playing with Responsive Subjects (Ross Jeffries)

    06.1 - The Nature of Hypnotic Influence (Mark Cunningham) (Renegade Hypnotist Project)
    06.2 - Not Being Needy (Mark Cunningham) (Renegade Hypnotist Project)
    06.3 - Involving all Senses (David Snyder) (CPI: Covert Persuasion Intelligence)
    06.4 - Turning Yourself into Crack (Mark Cunningham) (Renegade Hypnotist Project)
    06.5 - How To Hypnotize Humans - Session Two (Mark Cunningham) (Renegade Hypnotist Project)

    07.1 - Presuppositions (David Snyder) (CPI: Covert Persuasion Intelligence)
    07.2 - embedded Commands (Tom Vizzini) (Secrets of Vocal Influence)
    07.3 - How to Transition (Ross Jeffries) (SS Secret Vault)

    08.1 - Vague Language (Ross Jeffries) (Persuasion Mastery Bootcamp)
    08.2 - metastates (Ross Jeffries) (Mindframe Persuasion)
    08.3 - Demo - Irresistible Arousal (Ross Jeffries) (SS Secret Vault)

    09.1 - Anchoring (Tom Vizzini) (Anchoring for Seduction)
    09.2 - Anchoring Blunders (Tom Vizzini) (Anchoring Blunders)
    09.3 - Demo - Anchoring in Practice (Tom Vizzini) (Interview Magic)
    09.4 - Integrating the Physical into your Conditioning Program (Mark Cunningham) (Renegade Hypnotist Project)

    10.1 - Elicitations (Tom Vizzini) (Devastating Elicitations 2.0)
    10.2 - Criteria Elicitation (David Snyder) (CPI: Covert Persuasion Intelligence)
    10.3 - Demo - Eliciting Woman's Values (Mark Cunningham) (Building a Better Girlfriend)
    10.4 - Demo - Playing with Dorota (Ross Jeffries) (SS Secret Vault)
    10.5 - Dominants Need Complex Active Lives (Mark Cunningham) (Renegade Hypnotist Project)
    10.6 - The Troubled Submissive (Mark Cunningham) (Renegade Hypnotist Project)
    10.7 - Women Love Structure & Boudaries (Mark Cunningham) (Renegade Hypnotist Project)

    11.1 - Sensation Beyond Imagining (Mark Cunningham) (Renegade Hypnotist Project)
    11.2 - How To Hypnotize Humans - Session Three (Mark Cunningham) (Renegade Hypnotist Project)

    12.1 - Time Distortion (Ross Jeffries) (Mindframe Persuasion)
    12.2 - How To Hypnotize Humans - Session Four (Mark Cunningham) (Renegade Hypnotist Project)
    12.3 - When to Blur the Line (Mark Cunningham) (Renegade Hypnotist Project)
    12.4 - The Perils of Personal Imprinting (Renegade Hypnotist Project)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

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    Last edited: May 25, 2018


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