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Music Forums

Discussion in 'Suggestions, Feedback & Questions' started by slave99, Mar 12, 2016.

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  1. slave99

    slave99 Member

    Firstly I am grateful for this site and thank the owers and moderators. This is in no way meant to be a criticism of it in any way.

    However, I was wondering about the purpose of two separate sub-forums in the Music Forum, of "Albums" and "MP3s". As the two are in no way exclusive of one another, wouldn't it make sense to combine them into one? I can see little or no difference in the type of posts in either forum, except for the individuals who make the posts.

  2. MechoPirate

    MechoPirate Mecho Owner Staff Member Super Admin

    That was set like that as i am a Radio DJ and after consultation with a few of the members i was informed it would be easier to have an MP3 Section as well as an Albums section, The mp3 section was meant to be for MP3 Singles and albums where as Albums category on its own is for everything BUT mp3, so FLAC, AAC, WAV, e.t.c

    I could look at re-arranging these to be set together however it would only be after a discussion with the section moderator @popeye11100, We generally do not alter the categories without discussion amongst the staff in general if their is no section moderator or consultation with the moderator.

  3. popeye11100

    popeye11100 Super Nutter Mod Staff Member Top Uploader

    What i can do is specify Mp3,Flac,cda Ect on the Section. When we had our Merge. So I can change it. when a song comes out in the chart 1 Song Its Norm Mp3 ... Thing is its all easy Searchable. [​IMG][​IMG]

  4. Ahoodnick

    Ahoodnick New Member

    Hello folks, nice to be here. Is it possible to break out the music section to show a new subtitle "Classical Music". It will save a lot of time going through the music section looking for my favourite classical music.



  5. Ahoodnick

    Ahoodnick New Member

    May I please have some sort of response to my posting of April 8th 2016

  6. MechoPirate

    MechoPirate Mecho Owner Staff Member Super Admin

    If we were to do that we would have to create a category for every genre of music, That would mean a lot less time posting for the users and a lot more time trying to find the correct location. To create 1 sub-section would be unfair, We would have to create the following sub-sections and I for one am not keen on having to moderate individual categories

    • Alternative
      • Art Punk
      • Alternative Rock
      • College Rock
      • Crossover Thrash (thx Kevin G)
      • Crust Punk (thx Haug)
      • Experimental Rock
      • Folk Punk
      • Goth / Gothic Rock
      • Grunge
      • Hardcore Punk
      • Hard Rock
      • Indie Rock
      • Lo-fi (hat tip to Ben Vee Bedlamite)
      • New Wave
      • Progressive Rock
      • Punk
      • Shoegaze (with thx to Jackie Herrera)
      • Steampunk (with thx to Christopher Schaeffer)
    • Anime
    • Blues
      • Acoustic Blues
      • Chicago Blues
      • Classic Blues
      • Contemporary Blues
      • Country Blues
      • Delta Blues
      • Electric Blues
      • Ragtime Blues (cheers GFS)
    • Children’s Music
      • Lullabies
      • Sing-Along
      • Stories
    • Classical
      • Avant-Garde
      • Baroque
      • Chamber Music
      • Chant
      • Choral
      • Classical Crossover
      • Contemporary Classical (thx Julien Palliere)
      • Early Music
      • Expressionist (thx Mr. Palliere)
      • High Classical
      • Impressionist
      • Medieval
      • Minimalism
      • Modern Composition
      • Opera
      • Orchestral
      • Renaissance
      • Romantic (early period)
      • Romantic (later period)
      • Wedding Music
    • Comedy
      • Novelty
      • Standup Comedy
      • Vaudeville (cheers Ben Vee Bedlamite)
    • Commercial (thank you Sheldon Reynolds)
      • Jingles
      • TV Themes
    • Country
      • Alternative Country
      • Americana
      • Bluegrass
      • Contemporary Bluegrass
      • Contemporary Country
      • Country Gospel
      • Country Pop (thanks Sarah Johnson)
      • Honky Tonk
      • Outlaw Country
      • Traditional Bluegrass
      • Traditional Country
      • Urban Cowboy
    • Dance (EDM – Electronic Dance Music – see Electronic below – with thx to Eric Shaffer-Whiting & Drew :))
      • Club / Club Dance (thx Luke Allfree)
      • Breakcore
      • Breakbeat / Breakstep
      • Brostep (cheers Tom Berckley)
      • Chillstep (thx Matt)
      • Deep House (cheers Venus Pang)
      • Dubstep
      • Electro House (thx Luke Allfree)
      • Electroswing
      • Exercise
      • Future Garage (thx Ran’dom Haug)
      • Garage
      • Glitch Hop (cheers Tom Berckley)
      • Glitch Pop (thx Ran’dom Haug)
      • Grime (thx Ran’dom Haug / Matthew H)
      • Hardcore
      • Hard Dance
      • Hi-NRG / Eurodance
      • Horrorcore (thx Matt)
      • House
      • Jackin House (with thx to Jermaine Benjamin Dale Bruce)
      • Jungle / Drum’n’bass
      • Liquid Dub(thx Ran’dom Haug)
      • Regstep (thanks to ‘Melia G)
      • Speedcore (cheers Matt)
      • Techno
      • Trance
      • Trap (thx Luke Allfree)
    • Disney
    • Easy Listening
      • Bop
      • Lounge
      • Swing
    • Electronic
      • 2-Step (thx Ran’dom Haug)
      • 8bit – aka 8-bit, Bitpop and Chiptune – (thx Marcel Borchert)
      • Ambient
      • Bassline (thx Leon Oliver)
      • Chillwave(thx Ran’dom Haug)
      • Chiptune (kudos to Dominik Landahl)
      • Crunk (with thx to Jillian Edwards)
      • Downtempo
      • Drum & Bass (thx Luke Allfree)
      • Electro
      • Electro-swing (thank you Daniel Forthofer)
      • Electronica
      • Electronic Rock
      • Hardstyle (kudos to Dominik Landahl)
      • IDM/Experimental
      • Industrial
      • Trip Hop (thank you Michael Tait Tafoya)
    • Enka
    • French Pop
    • German Folk
    • German Pop
    • Fitness & Workout
    • Hip-Hop/Rap
      • Alternative Rap
      • Bounce
      • Dirty South
      • East Coast Rap
      • Gangsta Rap
      • Hardcore Rap
      • Hip-Hop
      • Latin Rap
      • Old School Rap
      • Rap
      • Turntablism (thank you Luke Allfree)
      • Underground Rap
      • West Coast Rap
    • Holiday
      • Chanukah
      • Christmas
      • Christmas: Children’s
      • Christmas: Classic
      • Christmas: Classical
      • Christmas: Comedy
      • Christmas: Jazz
      • Christmas: Modern
      • Christmas: Pop
      • Christmas: R&B
      • Christmas: Religious
      • Christmas: Rock
      • Easter
      • Halloween
      • Holiday: Other
      • Thanksgiving
    • Indie Pop
    • Industrial
    • Inspirational – Christian & Gospel
      • CCM
      • Christian Metal
      • Christian Pop
      • Christian Rap
      • Christian Rock
      • Classic Christian
      • Contemporary Gospel
      • Gospel
      • Christian & Gospel
      • Praise & Worship
      • Qawwali (with thx to Jillian Edwards)
      • Southern Gospel
      • Traditional Gospel
    • Instrumental
      • March (Marching Band)
    • J-Pop
      • J-Rock
      • J-Synth
      • J-Ska
      • J-Punk
    • Jazz
      • Acid Jazz (with thx to Hunter Nelson)
      • Avant-Garde Jazz
      • Bebop (thx Mwinogo1)
      • Big Band
      • Blue Note (with thx to Jillian Edwards)
      • Contemporary Jazz
      • Cool
      • Crossover Jazz
      • Dixieland
      • Ethio-jazz (with thx to Jillian Edwards)
      • Fusion
      • Gypsy Jazz (kudos to Mike Tait Tafoya)
      • Hard Bop
      • Latin Jazz
      • Mainstream Jazz
      • Ragtime
      • Smooth Jazz
      • Trad Jazz
    • K-Pop
    • Karaoke
    • Kayokyoku
    • Latin
      • Alternativo & Rock Latino
      • Argentine tango (gracias P. Moth & Sandra Sanders)
      • Baladas y Boleros
      • Bossa Nova (with thx to Marcos José Sant’Anna Magalhães & Alex Ede for the reclassification)
      • Brazilian
      • Contemporary Latin
      • Cumbia (gracias Richard Kemp)
      • Flamenco / Spanish Flamenco (thank you Michael Tait Tafoya & Sandra Sanders)
      • Latin Jazz
      • Nuevo Flamenco (and again Michael Tafoya)
      • Pop Latino
      • Portuguese fado (and again Sandra Sanders)
      • Raíces
      • Reggaeton y Hip-Hop
      • Regional Mexicano
      • Salsa y Tropical
    • New Age
      • Environmental
      • Healing
      • Meditation
      • Nature
      • Relaxation
      • Travel
    • Opera
    • Pop
      • Adult Contemporary
      • Britpop
      • Bubblegum Pop (thx Haug & John Maher)
      • Chamber Pop (thx Haug)
      • Dance Pop
      • Dream Pop (thx Haug)
      • Electro Pop (thx Haug)
      • Orchestral Pop (thx Haug)
      • Pop/Rock
      • Pop Punk (thx Makenzie)
      • Power Pop (thx Haug)
      • Soft Rock
      • Synthpop (thx Haug)
      • Teen Pop
    • R&B/Soul
      • Contemporary R&B
      • Disco (not a top level genre Sheldon Reynolds!)
      • Doo Wop
      • Funk
      • Modern Soul (Cheers Nik)
      • Motown
      • Neo-Soul
      • Northern Soul (Cheers Nik & John Maher)
      • Psychedelic Soul (thank you John Maher)
      • Quiet Storm
      • Soul
      • Soul Blues (Cheers Nik)
      • Southern Soul (Cheers Nik)
    • Reggae
      • 2-Tone (thx GFS)
      • Dancehall
      • Dub
      • Roots Reggae
      • Ska
    • Rock
      • Acid Rock (with thanks to Alex Antonio)
      • Adult-Oriented Rock (thanks to John Maher)
      • Afro Punk
      • Adult Alternative
      • Alternative Rock (thx Caleb Browning)
      • American Trad Rock
      • Anatolian Rock
      • Arena Rock
      • Art Rock
      • Blues-Rock
      • British Invasion
      • Cock Rock
      • Death Metal / Black Metal
      • Doom Metal (thx Kevin G)
      • Glam Rock
      • Gothic Metal (fits here Sam DeRenzis – thx)
      • Grind Core
      • Hair Metal
      • Hard Rock
      • Math Metal (cheers Kevin)
      • Math Rock (thx Ran’dom Haug)
      • Metal
      • Metal Core (thx Ran’dom Haug)
      • Noise Rock (genre – Japanoise – thx Dominik Landahl)
      • Jam Bands
      • Post Punk (thx Ben Vee Bedlamite)
      • Prog-Rock/Art Rock
      • Progressive Metal (thx Ran’dom Haug)
      • Psychedelic
      • Rock & Roll
      • Rockabilly (it’s here Mark Murdock!)
      • Roots Rock
      • Singer/Songwriter
      • Southern Rock
      • Spazzcore (thx Haug)
      • Stoner Metal (duuuude)
      • Surf
      • Technical Death Metal (cheers Pierre)
      • Tex-Mex
      • Time Lord Rock (Trock) ~ (thanks to ‘Melia G)
      • Trash Metal (thanks to Pierre A)
    • Singer/Songwriter
      • Alternative Folk
      • Contemporary Folk
      • Contemporary Singer/Songwriter
      • Indie Folk (with thanks to Andrew Barrett)
      • Folk-Rock
      • Love Song (Chanson – merci Marcel Borchert)
      • New Acoustic
      • Traditional Folk
    • Soundtrack
      • Foreign Cinema
      • Movie Soundtrack (thanks Julien)
      • Musicals
      • Original Score
      • Soundtrack
      • TV Soundtrack
    • Spoken Word
    • Tex-Mex / Tejano (with thx to Israel Lopez)
      • Chicano
      • Classic
      • Conjunto
      • Conjunto Progressive
      • New Mex
      • Tex-Mex
    • Vocal
      • A cappella (with kudos to Sheldon Reynolds)
      • Barbershop (with thx to Kelly Chism)
      • Doo-wop (with thx to Bradley Thompson)
      • Gregorian Chant (hat tip to Deborah Knight-Nikifortchuk)
      • Standards
      • Traditional Pop
      • Vocal Jazz
      • Vocal Pop
    • World
      • Africa
      • Afro-Beat
      • Afro-Pop
      • Asia
      • Australia
      • Cajun
      • Calypso (thx Gerald John)
      • Caribbean
      • Carnatic (Karnataka Sanghetha – thx Abhijith)
      • Celtic
      • Celtic Folk
      • Contemporary Celtic
      • Coupé-décalé (thx Samy) – Congo
      • Dangdut (thank you Achmad Ivanny)
      • Drinking Songs
      • Drone (with thx to Robert Conrod)
      • Europe
      • France
      • Hawaii
      • Hindustani (thank you Abhijith)
      • Indian Ghazal (thank you Gitika Thakur)
      • Indian Pop
      • Japan
      • Japanese Pop
      • Klezmer
      • Mbalax (thank you Samy) – Senegal
      • Middle East
      • North America
      • Ode (thank you Sheldon Reynolds)
      • Piphat (cheers Samy B) – Thailand
      • Polka
      • Soca (thx Gerald John)
      • South Africa
      • South America
      • Traditional Celtic
      • Worldbeat
      • Zydeco

  7. Zev000

    Zev000 Member

    I have posted a couple of albums, the last one I put a comment like "JUST A LITTLE TASTE:" and then just below it I put a youtube link with a song from that album. Is that OK to do? Or would you I rather not. Link like this

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